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Sushi Delivery Service

This new service will deliver freshly prepared sushi to your door.

To order call Restaurant Massa on 0255-77-4565
Order by 8PM the day before or by 8AM the same day for 50Yen extra.
Payment is in cash. If you collect from Restaurant Massa payment via credit card is accepted.
Discount of 100Yen per piece of sushi when collecting from Restaurant Massa.
Place an order using the item number shown on the menu.
Tell us your name & hotel and we will deliver the next day/same day if ordered before 8AM.

1.        1,450 Yen

2.        2,250 Yen

3.        4,550 Yen

4.        4,650 Yen

5.        8,100 Yen

6.        8,300 Yen